How to Care for Your Commercial Security Fence

Does your business have a commercial security fence? A security fence is an effective and cost-efficient way to protect your business. When maintained properly, your security fence can last for several decades. While these fences aren’t difficult to maintain, they do require some effort. Below are a few of the tips that most commercial fence companies recommend for commercial security fences. Perform these steps and your fence will likely last for decades.

Apply Annual Rust Protection

Rust is the biggest threat to any metal commercial security fence. The fence experiences moisture over the years. Over time, that moisture causes the paint on the fence to chip and peel and rust develops. One of the best ways to avoid this is by applying rust protection every year. You can find rust protection sprays in most hardware stores or your local commercial fence companies could do it for you. Be sure to spray the entire fence, and especially hit the bottom of the fence near the grass. Moisture from the grass can be damaging to fences.

Clean Your Fence and Trim Around It

Basic cleaning is a great way to maintain your fence. If you don’t clean it, dirt and dust can accumulate. Those elements contain moisture which can lead to rust on the fence. Simply washing the fence with water can eliminate much of the dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Also, trim any bushes, grass, or other landscaping around the fence. Those are also sources of excess water that can lead to rust. Trim them regularly to keep your fence clear of dirt, moisture, and other threats.

Lubricate Moving Parts of the Fence

Another great way to keep your commercial security fence in good shape is to lubricate moving parts, like the hinges and gates. Not only will lubricating the moving parts help prevent rust and wear and tear, making the fence easier to open and close, but it will also reduce the noise levels that come with opening and closing your gate. This noise reduction is something you and your employees will appreciate.

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