Aluminum vs. Wood Fencing; Which Should You Choose?

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If you need a new fence for your commercial property, you may wonder if aluminum or wood is the better option. There are pros and cons to both, and it mainly comes down to preference. According to Networx, a couple of benefits of metal fencing is that it’s 100% recyclable and very long-lasting. Security fencing companies can help you determine which fence material best meets your needs. Here’s an overview of some of the differences between the two.

Wood Fences Require More Maintenance and Are More Expensive

When it comes to the cost of materials, installation, and maintenance, wood fences are definitely the more expensive option. Security fencing companies can recommend a wood fence to certain clients who require privacy. The one benefit that wood has over aluminum is that it can be imposing and deter criminals. A high privacy fence can also act as a security barrier. Weighing your security needs against any budget constraints can help you make the right decision.

Aluminum Fencing Provides Visibility

Conversely, if security for you means having visibility, aluminum fences are the better choice. These fences provide the property boundary marking you need while still allowing you to see who’s coming and going. If security and visibility aren’t important factors for you, choosing your material based on price is a common approach. Enlisting a firm to conduct a security review before you purchase your fence will help you make the right choice for your commercial fencing needs.

They Offer Different Functionalities

When making your choice, consider your needs and the functionality that each provides. Commercial businesses that are in industrial areas will have different needs than public-facing companies located in suburban areas. If you simply want a decorative fence that defines your property, there’s no reason not to go with aluminum. If privacy and security are concerns, wood is the better option. Take the time to fully review your needs and then choose the fencing material that best meets them. There’s no wrong answer, as both materials do their job.

Choosing the right fence for your commercial property can be straightforward when you work with security fencing companies. We’re a local company that can help you meet your security needs. Contact us today to schedule your estimate. We’re here to help with all of your commercial fencing needs.